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Business Outline

Business Overview

Cakes business

  • Business OverviewThe Cakes business started when Fujiya was founded more than 100 years ago, in the Meiji period. The business manufactures and sells western confectionery and operates Fujiya cake stores. The business deals in a range of products, including general sweets, cake for birthdays, and confectionery for gifts. Products also include Western confectionery sold at supermarkets and convenient stores.
  • Main productsStrawberry sponge cake, Chocolate cream cake, Peko Cream Puff, Fruit cake


Restaurant business

  • Business OverviewThe business is managing the restaurants. We operate the multi style restaurants, most of which are for families, with taking out some cakes. Also, we operate the high branded restaurants such as “Miyachiku” using the selected Miyazaki beef.
  • Restaurant NameFUJIYA Restaurant, Anpanman & Peko’s Kitchen, Anpanman Restaurant, Ginza Miyachiku, Tottori-wagyu Daisen.

Confectionery business

  • Business OverviewThe business is the manufacture and wholesale of candies, chocolates, and cookies, among other confectionery that are sold at supermarkets and convenience stores. In this business, Fujiya boasts a number of brands and hit products that are loved by customers from small children to adults.
  • Main productsPeko Sweets(Milky soft candy), Look chocolate, Peko Poko Chocolate, Country Ma’am cookies, Home Pie

Main products

Beverage business

  • Business OverviewThe business is the wholesale of distinct canned and plastic bottled beverages and chilled beverages, including Nectar.
  • Main productsNectar, Lemon Squash

Canned/PET/Chilled beverages

Online sales and character merchandise sales business

  • Business OverviewThe business operates Fujiya’s online shop, Family Town, where Peko-chan character merchandise is planned and sold, and manages Peko-chan licenses.

Overseas business

  • Business OverviewIn addition to planning our overseas development strategy and operation, we have been promoting support services for our overseas base and expanding export business. Our mission is to bring a smile to everyone in the world by offering our Fujiya products and services. Currently, the overseas base is Fujiya (Hangzhou) Food Co., Ltd. in China and Fujiya Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Vietnam. (See the list of our group companies as reference.)

Group companies

Manufacture and sale of premium French confectionery and delis, operation of Magasin and Salon de thé shops
Manufacture and sale of confectionery
Manufacture of ice cream, operation of an ice cream store chain
Manufacture and sale of beverages and dairy products
Manufacture, wholesale, and import and sale of confectionery in China
Manufacture of confectionery and other food
Import and sale of confectionery in Vietnam
Contract administrative work and outsourcing
  • Fujiya Techno Service Co., Ltd.
Maintenance of buildings
Insurance agency